Sunday, January 09, 2011

Food for Thought

Going to buy groceries is one of my least favorite things to do. I will put it off until we have eaten all the food in our house.

Last weekend when Sid came home from visiting her grandparents she opened the fridge and was surprised to see that there was actually food in it. Her response was, "Mom where did all this food come from!? Is it MAGIC?" Even the 4 year old knows it's more likely that magic filled the frige than I went to the store.

I've been trying to do better about feeding our family. More home cooked meals and fewer drive-thru meals. I've been shopping at the HEB in Midland to motivate myself.

Damon is not a fan of this. Everything we need should be purchased in Odessa according to him because Odessa > Midland. Maybe that's true about schools and it's definitely true regarding hospitals but Midland's HEB is just better. The produce department is huge and in the 3 times we've been to the store I still haven't seen everything they have to offer.

So we'll be making the 15 minute drive to Midland for groceries for the time being because Damon likes to eat and Sidney needs to learn where food comes from - the magical Midland HEB!
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Meredith said...

I hate grocery shopping too! You are so funny, I love hearing about y'alls life.

American in Norway said...

:-) You are so funny...
I hear your pain.. I hate shopping.. even worse.. I hate cooking. - unless it is for a party..