Sunday, January 09, 2011

Food for Thought

Going to buy groceries is one of my least favorite things to do. I will put it off until we have eaten all the food in our house.

Last weekend when Sid came home from visiting her grandparents she opened the fridge and was surprised to see that there was actually food in it. Her response was, "Mom where did all this food come from!? Is it MAGIC?" Even the 4 year old knows it's more likely that magic filled the frige than I went to the store.

I've been trying to do better about feeding our family. More home cooked meals and fewer drive-thru meals. I've been shopping at the HEB in Midland to motivate myself.

Damon is not a fan of this. Everything we need should be purchased in Odessa according to him because Odessa > Midland. Maybe that's true about schools and it's definitely true regarding hospitals but Midland's HEB is just better. The produce department is huge and in the 3 times we've been to the store I still haven't seen everything they have to offer.

So we'll be making the 15 minute drive to Midland for groceries for the time being because Damon likes to eat and Sidney needs to learn where food comes from - the magical Midland HEB!
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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Decorating a Big Girl Room

Now that we are settled into our apartment routine it's time to pretty the place up!

I've been mulling over what to do with Sid's room. I want to transition it from baby to big girl but still keep her personality a part of everything.

This painting is one of the things we kept from her old room. I love that it's 1.) educational 2.) girly and 3.) colorful. I used it as one of our inspirational jump off pieces.

Santa brought Sidney this Barbie palace. His elves worked for 2 1/2 hours putting it together! Installing a 3 story elevator in a dollhouse is more complicated than you might imagine. After so much bonding time with this peice of plastic (not to mention that it dominates a large portion of her room) I felt we needed to incorporate it as another inspiration piece.Here are some of the items we have purchased so far:

I love that I can throw this quilt in the washing machine. It is also reversible to a solid if Sid gets tired of the dots. The quality is great. I think this is a blanket she could have through college.Sidney is a Hello Kitty fanatic. This throw pillow was pretty much a no brainer. When we found it at Target she insisted on carrying it until we got to the check out and then I had to persuade her to let the cashier have it to scan. It's a perfect match to the pinks in the quilt!We were in need of toy storage so that we could walk through Sid's room without stumbling over horses, Barbies and tea sets. Damon and I put this together twice since I can't read instructions. It's pretty and has safety latches so she won't get her fingers smashed. It's in front of her window where it can also double as a window seat.We ordered 5 of these panels for Sid's window. They give her room a pretty pink glow when the sun shines through them.

This is the bedskirt that coordinates with her quilt. We also picked up a pink zebra body pillow to put behind the quilt shams.

There are still quite a few things to pick up before her room is complete. We need a good lamp for reading and a wall clock. Some of the things we're considering adding to the pink madness:

I found this clock on etsy. They will personalize it with your child's name. With all the pink in her room we need some purple to balance things out.

I found this mobile on etsy also. They will customize the butterflies to coordinate with your child's room. It also looks really cool when it spins. It's as though you have a globe of fluttering butterflies above your bed.

I discovered PBTeen when I was looking for quilts. I love this site! Very fun and funky. I like all of these lamps. Going to be tough to narrow it down to one!

I had seen some vinyl wall quotes at Target but none of them seemed to fit Sidney. I was blown away by how many online options there were. Here are a few of my favorites:

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Monday, January 03, 2011

How to Introduce Little Girls to Star Wars

Damon usually reads Sidney her nightly bedtime story. Her favorite book of the past few weeks is a charming yarn called Barbie and a Fashion Fairytale. It isn't great literature. I know this because the pages are covered in glitter. It's really an infomercial for Barbie products disguised as a learn to read tool. But night after night after night it's her book of choice. Tonight as I passed by her door I heard Damon reading the story but with a slight twist:

Damon: "The gunship roared over the Eiffel Tower. The Clone Troopers were in desperate need of a fashion make-over. There was only one place they could achieve their objective - the city of Paris. They had worn their battle armor for 3 missions and it was time for a change. They needed Barbies help to add a little flair..."

HaHaHa! Here is a fun Star Wars PSA.

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

An Eye Full

I've been a Dior mascara fan for a few years now. It's a splurge purchase ($25+) so I try to make that little tube of black gunk last as long as possible. Today I picked up Dior Extase to help ring in 2011. It promises to transform my lashes in a single stroke. We shall see!

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