Sunday, July 29, 2007

San Fransico Trip

We were able to get away for a quick vacation to visit our friends Chris and Debby. They live outside San Fransico in a small town called Half Moon Bay. We've known them online for over 5 years but this was the first time to meet them in person. They are amazing hosts. Debby is a wonderful cook. Sidney ate fresh blueberries and sweet peas for the first time. The weather was such a nice break from our usual West Texas summer. 70 degrees with a cool breeze right off the ocean. We saw lots of fog. It was beautiful to see it creeping over the mountains. Unfortunately my camera broke the second day of the trip so I didn't get to play paparazzi. Here are some pictures that Chris took for us:

Sidney touching the Pacific Ocean

Playing in the pebbles at Pebble Beach

Our friends Chris and Debby

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

My new screen saver