Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Car Conversation

In honor of this years extra long winter.....

Sidney: "Mom, where does the sun come from?"
Me: "That's a great question. Where do you think the sun comes from?"
Sidney: "Probably Los Angeles."

Well the sun is a star and obviously LA is full of movie stars.... I see a trip to the planetarium in our future and a little less Access Hollywood.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just Like Brett Favre...

Damon and I are the Brett Favre of home owners. Our pattern goes something like this:

Me or D: "Hey lets sell our house."
Me or D: "That's a great idea! Call a realtor."
***We meet with said realtor****
Me or D: "Hmmm maybe we should just fix it up and stay."
Me or D: "Yeah let's keep the house."
***We begin a small renovation project like removing wallpaper or changing a light fixture***
Me or D: "Hey let's sell our house."
***And so the cycle continues***

At our current rate we will eventually meet with every realtor in Odessa before Sidney starts kindergarten. I'm not sure why we're such wafflers about the house. Maybe it's because we know that we'll still have to work on the next house we buy. Maybe it's because we don't want to admit defeat but we don't want to live through the construction mess. Maybe it's because we enjoy inviting realtor's over to our home only to tease them with a commission. Ha!

We're currently in the project phase of our sequence. The master bathroom is due to get gutted over next weekend. I think this may be the project where we have to commit or get off the potty - literally!
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Little Obsession

I have to confess I am crazy about Texas Tech football. I read the blogs. I post on the message boards. Any news about the Leach firing, the hiring of Coach Tuberville, national signing day - I gobble it up. I love it all!

Many of the Tech fans got their feathers ruffled over the loss of Pirate Leach. He did keep things entertaining but perhaps not always in an positive way. Honestly, he was never going to lead Tech out of the shadow of UT and OU. It was time for him and the university to part ways, but it could have been handled in a more graceful manner.

The hiring of Coach Tuberville has the potential for greatness. He has brought onboard an amazing OC in Neal Brown and James Willis as DC is going to be incredible. With the addition of todays new defensive recruits the future is looking very bright for Tech as the program moves towards a balance of offensive fireworks and defensive dominance.

The next big hurdle is the selection of starting quarterback. Taylor Potts has the skills but lacks charasmatic leadership. Steven Sheffield has proven he can spark the team and the fans while also making the tough plays. I only question his durability. Is Sticks Sheffield tough enough to make it through the entire season? Both QB's have a chance under the new leadership, and I'm curious to see who Brown selects for the position.

The season starts September 4th with a home opener against SMU. With the Craig James fiasco of last year this game should be a fun one to watch. Get your guns up! Wreck 'em!

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sneaky Sidney

Sidney had been quietly playing in her room (which should have been my first clue) when I heard the bathroom sink come on. I went to check on her and found her in the hallway between the bathroom and her bedroom holding a drawer from her jewelry box full of water.

Me: "Sidney what are you doing with that?"
Sidney: "Oh... I'm going to water your plants." (She was completely and convincingly straight faced. We are so in trouble when she becomes a teenager!)

At this point I noticed the trail of water leading from the bathroom sink to the play kitchen in her bedroom. She had been slowly filling her play sink with water - one little jewelry box drawer at a time. Unfortunately, the water was also forming a small lake in the carpet around her kitchen.

Me: "Sidney! Why did you do this?!?"
Sidney: "It's just part of my evil plan..."

Yes, we are so in trouble!

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