Monday, August 21, 2006

Jackson's on the Move

We're finally back home after a whirlwind trip through south Texas. We left Thursday for Buda and visited San Antonio, Hutto, Cedar Park and Menard in the past 4 days. I am so tired of being in the car. Sidney did really well considering. I'm looking forward to the front facing car seat. She gets board staring at the back seat. Here's the trip play-by-play.
Friday we went to San Antonio to meet one of our internet friends for lunch at EZ's. We've known him for 5 years and this is the first time we've been able to talk face to face. I wish we had gotten to meet him and his wife when we lived in San Antonio. As Damon says, "Kevin is a good upstanding Texan." We stopped by Cabela's on the way back to Buda. It was very neat and I'm not into outdoorsy stuff. Definitely a taxidermists paradise. If it can be shot-stuffed-and mounted they have it on display.
Saturday Aunt Jeanie showed me how to make pop-overs for breakfast. They were delicious. I love eating at the Tuttles. Then Haylie, Zoe, Sidney and I took Aunt Jeanie shopping at Barton Creek Mall for her birthday. Haylie was very excited that we were going to "re-model" her mom. While Aunt Jeanie was trying on clothes I sent Haylie and Zoe out to get a black wrap dress for AJ to try on. They came back 20 minutes later with a cream halter dress that had a built in bra and thigh high slit. They knew it was THE dress for my aunt who just turned 51. AJ wouldn't try it on but we did laugh until we cried. Gotta love the fashion sense of 10 year olds. After the shopping extravaganza we met Marta at Hula Hut for Lunch. Marta looks so good pregnant. Almost Heidi Klum good. =P Later that night we went to Aunt Pam and Uncle Lloyd's in Hutto for AJ's birthday party. It was fantastic to see Meredith and Scott, the Dugan's and Karen. Aunt Pam's dining room had just been re-done and looked so pretty. Sidney loved Aunt Pam (AKA the baby whisperer) and got in lots of cuddle time. Darby reminds me so much of Marta when she was a little girl running around yelling, "I'm She-ra Princess of Power!" We didn't get home until after midnight. The whole day was action packed.
Sunday I almost had a nervous breakdown trying to pack the car. Thankfully Uncle Charlie took over and was able to get everything to fit back in the trunk. I drove Haylie and Zoe to Cedar Park to pick up Damon and we didn't get lost. 5 years later and still remember. We went to church at Highpoint Fellowship. We hadn't been to the new building yet. It was really nice to see old friends. Damon and I sat in the cry room with Sidney for most of the service but with a 3 hour drive ahead of us we decided to skip the end of the service and our lunch plans and go ahead and get to Menard. It was very easy to find Grandma and Grandpa's new home. They have a good amount of space even with all of their furniture. I'm glad that they get their meals provided and things are handi-cap accessible. Grandma is still as fiesty as ever. This was the first time Damon had been to Mark and Lisa's ranch. Their home is so beautiful but our car had a hard time on the dirt road. Next time we're taking the SUV.
Monday We had lunch with the grandparents and played dominos then we headed for home. It only took 3 hours. It's good to know that they're not much further away than they were in Lubbock and that they are in a safe place.