Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Puppy Love

My life seems to have gone to the dogs the past few weeks. Between groomers, vets, shots, and picking the "right" dog food these 2 pups have kept me on the go.

Sid loves playing with Max and Star. She also enjoys helping me "scoop" the yard. I'm sure our neighbors are tired of her yelling, "MOM THERE'S SOME POOP OVER HERE!" Yesterday she told me, "Mom you're good at this. You're a magical mom!" There's really not much "magical" about carrying a HEB grocery bag full of processed dog food to the dumpster, but I appreciate the encouragement. She's been extra encouraging since she stepped in some that I missed. Imagine crying and gagging at the same time. Poor girl did not inherit my nursing nose.

I've been taking them for lots of walks which has been good for meeting more of our neighbors. I've also been watching re-runs of The Dog Whisperer. There are some crazy pet owners out there that I'm in danger of turning into. I asked Damon to get me a therapist if I start referring to Star as my "doggy soul mate."

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