Thursday, January 29, 2009

Funny Girl

This week has been full of some great Sidney commentary. Here are some of my favorites:
  • During Miss Hawaii's talent performance - "Mom that's a lot of shaking." Aloha!
  • I was laying on the couch reading a book and she came by very seriously and whispered, "Mom watch out for dragons!" Thanks for the heads up Sid!
  • I had made some paper dolls for her, and I told her we should give them names. The first one she named "Chloe." The second one she named "Dandy." Not sure where that came from, but it's her new favorite name. For the third one, she couldn't think of a name so she combined the first two and came up with "Clowndy." The new Brangelina!
  • We were naming her stuffed animals and she wanted to name 2 of her puppies "Perrito." I explained that we should give them different names so that we can tell them apart. She said, "Okay. This one is Perrito and this one is Dingy Perrito." Not only a name but an identity.
  • We've been working on brushing her teeth before we go too bed. I think that she's getting the idea because last night when I was brushing my teeth she yelled at me from her bedroom, "Be sure and get the ones at the back!" Colgate smiles all around.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coffee Talk With Kay and John

I've decided that it's time to start letting my state senators know what's on my mind. Thanks to email I can do this from the comfort of my desk with a cup of coffee in hand. Granted it's a one way conversation, but it's not their place to agree or disagree just to listen to the voice of a Texan they represent. If you'd like to let a Texas senator know what you're thinking, Kay and John are only an email away!

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

How many episodes of Survivor Man should you watch to prepare for the breakdown of civilization?

More than two. Hehe! As a girl who has a tough time camping in an RV that has electric and water hookups, I'm not sure that I would be able to scrape by with my own hands, a hatchet, and some flint. I suppose that the will to survive would probably be stronger than my need for a memory-foam mattress. Hopefully, all the doomsday 2012 business is just silliness, but just in case I'll be doing my Discovery Channel homework.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Old Grind

Alas, Christmas break ends tomorrow. The past 6 weeks have really flown by. However, we were able to cram a lot of good family time into them. I'm excited that graduation is getting so close, but I know that my next batch of classes are going to create a lot of brain strain. Damon's classes will be starting this week as well, and I'm curious to see how we're going to be able to juggle our jobs, classes, and toddler. Thankfully, it's only for a few months. I can do it.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Uncle Landon Visits Odessa!

My brother Landon was able to work Odessa into his tour of Texas. I'm so glad that he came to see us! Just wish it could have been a longer visit. He's promised to come back for my graduation so hopefully we'll be seeing him again in May.

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Years Port A Trip

Damon and I spent New Years in Port Aransas with my cousins and their friends. It was a great location. Meredith found a wonderful house that was close to the beach. Devon made sure all the meals were delicious. We played games and watched a few bowl games. The Cotton Bowl was a big disappointment. Better luck next year Red Raiders! The weather was cool most of the trip. One morning everything was covered in fog. We didn't have to worry about sunburns. I'm already looking forward to going back with Sidney. Pelicans are funny looking birds but are so graceful in the air. While the guys were fishing we saw a pelican get hooked while trying to steal someone's fish. Sneaky bird! The poor pelican survived the episode, but it moped for a bit with it's beak hidden in the water before flying away.
I told Damon that if I could be a bird I wouldn't mind being a pelican. His response was, "Pelicans go blind and die." So I guess I won't be a pelican after all.

Here's Meredith our fabulous trip coordinator.
Marta and Kyle being silly. Sidney really liked Kyle. I asked if she made any friends while she was at Aunt Pami's house and her response was, "Yes! Darby. Kyle is my friend. A chiuaua lives in his car!" She had a great time playing with Aunt Pami and Haylie. She's still warming up to Sutton. Hopefully her dislike of boys will last until she's 18. The trip was such a great way to start the year. I didn't make any resolutions. I pretty much have my goals set out. This time next year I will have my BSN and will be working on becoming fluent in Spanish. 2009 is going to be fun!

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