Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am now an RN, BSN! Woohoo! Guns up Red Raiders!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Sixteen years ago I started working to get a college education. The first part of this journey started in Lubbock, TX and on Saturday it will end in Lubbock, TX. A lot has happened in the past years. I've learned a lot about work, having a family, and finding balance with the two. Deciding to finish my degree was part of finding that balance. I needed it to enhance my resume as a professional, and I needed it as an example for my daughter. It's important to finish what you start which is ultimately what getting a degree demonstrates. I know that my mom wanted this for me. I wish that she could be there to watch me walk the stage and get my diploma. I can remember going to my dad's graduation and I hope that Sidney will remember going to mine. I really did it!

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

So Sew

Now that the school part of my life has come to an end (until I decide I need a Masters degree that is) I find myself with an abundance of free time. During Sid's nap today I dusted off the Wii and worked on my tennis game and solo guitar skills. That was fun for about 30 minutes. Then I wandered around the house looking for something to distract myself with and re-discovered my sewing machine. I used to make lap quilts for gifts once upon a time and have several projects that have been collecting dust for the past 3 years. I picked back up working on the baby blanket I started for Sidney when I was pregnant. It's pink and green with rose buds. Super girly. I've almost finished piecing the border but I have to pace myself or I start getting sloppy. I'm also looking for a knitting teacher to expand my sewing repertoire. I like my sewing machine but knitting needles are much more portable.

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