Monday, January 03, 2011

How to Introduce Little Girls to Star Wars

Damon usually reads Sidney her nightly bedtime story. Her favorite book of the past few weeks is a charming yarn called Barbie and a Fashion Fairytale. It isn't great literature. I know this because the pages are covered in glitter. It's really an infomercial for Barbie products disguised as a learn to read tool. But night after night after night it's her book of choice. Tonight as I passed by her door I heard Damon reading the story but with a slight twist:

Damon: "The gunship roared over the Eiffel Tower. The Clone Troopers were in desperate need of a fashion make-over. There was only one place they could achieve their objective - the city of Paris. They had worn their battle armor for 3 missions and it was time for a change. They needed Barbies help to add a little flair..."

HaHaHa! Here is a fun Star Wars PSA.

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