Sunday, October 02, 2011

A Weekend at Home

I love fall. So many fun things to do. Football, fairs, Halloween and the CAF Airsho. I showed Sid one of the WW2 planes flying around town Friday. The following conversation went like this:
Sid: Mom what's World War 2?
Me: A long time ago all the countries in the world got in a fight and went to war. It was a really sad time. A lot of people died.
Sid: That's because my dad wasn't going to give up.
Me: What?
Sid: My dad doesn't quit.
Me: World War 2 was many many years ago. Before your dad was born but your dad did fight in a war. It was called the Cold War.
Sid: Did he have to wear long sleeves?
Me: Yes.... They did wear long sleeves in the Cold War.
Probably our last parent child history lesson for a while.

Today I made hamburgers for lunch. While I was cooking Sid grabbed her notebook and pen and started "writing" a story about me to pass the time.
Sid: Mom in my story you have to clean all the house and then wash the clothes.
Me: I'm not sure I like that. Why do I have to clean all the house?
Sid: Mom it's in the script.......
Ah my little diva.

After lunch I couldn't find Sid in her room. I tracked her down in the entry sitting in her carseat.
Me: Oh there you are.
Sid: Yeah me and Star are just sitting here relaxing listening to music and staring at each other.
Me: Okay have fun with that.
Sid: Hey Mom I need to tell you something.
Me: What is it?
Sid: I'm in a really comfy spot right now. Would you get me a drink of water so I don't lose it?
Diva... The hat really says it all.

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